86 inch Viewsonic TV

This site was a bit cumbersome as I didn’t anticipate the weight of the TVs. Usually I am sent a extra box of hardware to put up the TVs on something a bit more sturdy than what Viewsonic sends. However, I only got the basic bracket and plastic anchors. I went to the local hardware store, but the bolts I got at first ended up being to big for the hole in the brack I had to downsize to 1/4 in butterfly clips and longer screws because I think the sheetrock here was 3/8 width not 1/4. Here are some pictures.

Coca Cola Dispenser

So i’ve been a bit busy with work and school and just trying to keep myself above water. I haven’t updated this site recently. I finally have something to post. I had to take a apart a coca cola machine, replace the data cable, the 4g modem and run some diagnostics to make sure it got online. This was in Page, Arizona right by the lake. Service in this area is really bad, the 4g modem only was at two bars. This made it difficult to rely on Verizon for the update to the kiosk so they had to update it at night, after business hours. Here are some pictures of the inside of the machine.

Learning Java

Ive been learning Java, I have got stuck on constructors and methods. Once I hit the codingame site or code-chef or code wars, I always start stumbling and cannot understand anything in terms of the language. It’s like the curve is way to steep, but I know there’s some kind of application im not getting. I’m getting into to it though and really want to learn Java. Python is easier, but it seems like it is used for specific things as im sure Java is too.

“Robotics” Install

So yesterday I had to install a small rectangular PC Board on to a “robot”, as it was called by the tech support I was supposed to work with. The machine, though it seemed like it was ready to be classified as a dinosaur, did actually function like a robot. It has an arm that picks up prescription bottles and fills them up with pills. It also puts the label on the bottle with the all the needed prescription information. The pharmacy tech simply pops the cap on and sends them out to those who need the various medicine. I can tell it’s old because it has three old IDE style cable attached to it. The hardest part of the job was removing the metal casing in front of the motors and PC Board. Here is a picture of the PC Board.

Its called a collator. It opens and closes these small door that let in the bottles for the pharmacy tech to give out pill bottles faster.

At first the machine gave me an error. Though the technician knew the error, he didn’t know specifically how to fix it.


We couldn’t get the replacement board to communicate with the computer. Finally, I realized that one of the IDE cables in the back wasn’t hooked up to the power box

ScriptPro Pharmacy Automation

One of the cables from the PCB went to this little box. It took a few minutes to find it disconnected. Eventually after a reboot and some messing around, support was able to send a few empty bottle refills and finish the job.

Eventually the machine began collating properly again!

I was glad to see the the “robot” working again!