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I like to think of myself as an aspiring programmer, but a most of my experience is in networking.
This page is my latest endeavor to expand my coding knowledge. I sought out help from an online friend, Mirian who has lots of knowledge in front end design. Below is my number and email. Thanks for visiting


Web Developer

Network Technician

IT Management

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What I do?

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Recently I invested some time and money into applicationfitness.com which helps individuals keep track of their fitness goals. Also, I began making videos for cybersecurityglobal.net which is all about helping individuals like you get into the field of cybersecurity.

Network Technician

I have extensive knowledge in all layers of the network infrastructure. I have studied for the CCNA and CCNP and will be re certifying myself as soon as im done with school. I can cable a network build the cabinet rack and stack and even configure routing and switching. I received my first Network+ certification back 2002.


For me the fun and games start when the code begins to be written. After building networks and installing everyting from servers, access points, switches and routers. I began to wonder about the next big thing; software defined networking. That is how I started studying java and python. Coding has become a part of my daily routine, just like excercise and food!


Currently finishing up my degree online at Arizona State University. Go Sun Devils!


I have a wife, son and daughter. My son is 11 and my daughter is soon to be 2. We love to sit in front of the TV and laugh it up watching Alaska Bush People


I have worked for Field Nation and Work Market for over 5 years now. I am grateful for the freedom contractor work allows. I have moved to several states in the southwest and have found work in each one through these platforms. It has built up my experience and allowed me to focus on my studies at the same time.

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I Am networking expert, Junior web-developer, Web-designer, entrepreneur and now online teacher
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Happy Clients :)

John 23 years old

Tony knows Linux really well! He can set up Fedora, Ubuntu, RedHat and even configure the servers to run different applications.

Herman 31 years old

Tony helped us get out of an old and outdated networking structure. He ran the cable, terminated the cables and installed the networking hardware, including access points. With the help of his level 2 support team, we were able to not only increase our wifi speeds for our customers, but increase our range. Thanks Tony!

Mike 27 years old

Tony needed help with his pet project to keep track of the miles he drives to and from work. Though it isn't finished, I showed him the best way to get started. now the project lives on githubIt still needs to save and catch errors, but im glad he came to me for help.

Farhan 29 years old

Tony really helped me get started on upwork. I completed some data entry work on the fly. He left a 50-star review on upwork for me, now I have 3 more clients. Thanks Tony!

Ronan 42 years old

Tony is a good person. He tries hard and is always trying to expand his knowledge. He asks a lot of questions because he is passionate about managing an IT deparment for MicroSoft someday.

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